Dismantling of a LCD panel
This time we are removing an LCD panel beaten.
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This practice will allow those who are not very familiar with what an LCD to better understand the operation.
An LCD TV is basically a device that provides images like a tube TV, unlike the picture tube shines by itself.
In an LCD TV are two parts:
-The liquid-crystal
-CCFL tubes
Liquid crystal is responsible for providing the image but not the brightness of it, this is responsible for filtering the light given off by the CCFL tubes, with which we get the picture.
An example of it is as if we put a red plastic on a fluorescent tube, with it what we will get is a red light. This is exactly what the liquid crystal filter the light with three primary colors (red, green and blue) depending on the content of the image.
If the image you want to show the sea, the filter to let more light is blue while red and green will not pass light.
This is roughly brief explanation of how an LCD.

The video clearly distinguish it different parts of the LCD panel. You also see a white sheet that you put in front of the CCFL tubes. They serve so that the light is uniform across the screen and there are no shadows.
Any stain or mark on these films are going to translate into shadows or spots on the image, I mean that careful each other and to the tubes.
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