MHL Connection
That is and what it can be used for the connection of your mobile MHL
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MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) is the name of a new standard that prepare companies such as Sony, Nokia, Toshiba or Samsung with the which seek to create a global connector, to include in their phones, that lets you connect your mobile phone to the TV or projector.

The MHL connector would be very small and would be incorporated into the phones come with great potential as the playback of Full HD video, that is to say, the ability to view videos 1080p uncompressed (sound to 192 khz and 7.1) in the TV using a mobile phone or tablet as player, although the connection is open to all kinds of equipment.

One of the differences with other types of connection is that it has failed to agree on the majority of important companies of the sector such as Nokia, Sony, Samsung and Toshiba, convinced that it is an option more than interesting to connect mobile computers with large screens.

On the other hand, the use of only five connecting pins facilitates the interconnection and compatibility between computers. For example, in the absence of products on the market that support this new connection, there are already to HDMI adapters, something more common. And the marks are very simple provide compatibility for the microUSB connections that already deployed to their

In addition, the MHL connection allows you to recharge (5V, 500 mA) the computer connected to the same time as the transmission of video and audio, as well as use the TV remote control or screen to control the functions of the phone or tablet connected, that yes, as long as the TV series integrated connectivity MHL.

Brands such as Samsung already include this type of connection on computer screens as the new 7 Series and this year we will see an explosion of new tvs that have this type of connectivity as attractive.

For the future, the MHL 2.0 specification it intends to improve these benefits with, among others, support for content in three dimensions.

The new MHL intended to compete the HDMI (currently incorporated in some terminals), but it seems that many years will pass until you see this ongoing project, because a few months ago pledged all manufacturers to unify and standardize the connectors of load (using micro USB) and is still using a type of charger for each phone model that we have in house.
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