That opinion we have of this website
That opinion we have of this website
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PETER - 2010-04-13
This page is best, I have arranged several TV because of it. No Pareis guys, EXCELLENT
Man - 2009-07-13
This page seems to me a very good initiative. I will try to help where I can, hopefully that can last longer. Regards.
trevor - 2009-06-30
It is the first time I visit and I liked it.
troll - 2009-06-17
This site seems great, something that was needed, where we get together all the technical services and we can share our ideas. With LCD Repair
ANAR - 2009-04-07
The best of the Net
shack - 2009-03-17
Well, I seemed to have discovered this great forum. I hope it remains so.
ellen - 2009-03-05
I enjoyed the initiative for a website like this. Great.
Adolf - 2009-03-03
I've been looking long and still had not found anything similar to this website. I am delighted because it is a place to get enough information, apart from being a meeting point for professional and amateur electronics and particularly to the repair.
Ross - 2009-02-27
Yes, the truth that something was missing as well, where all the technical services we can talk about what we want. A greeting to everyone.
John - 2009-02-27
I think you are doing a very good job on this website, because I think that is being offered much help to people who are starting in the repair of LCD TV and plasma. Many of us are still repairing TV picture tube and the step to repair other technologies costs a bit.