As you bear the crisis
As you bear the crisis
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PETER - 2010-04-13
I believe that if we hold the 2010 take anything. The thing is pretty bad. Much of the blame for this crisis is that they are letting in rare brand TV will run in price. Against this there is not anything to do. If TVs are cheap nobody will want to repair.
GRABE - 2009-12-01
Hello all, I hope that you will be better than me, soon I'll have to close, this is unsustainable from the crisis and prices of laughter I'm gonna hold just over 15 years of experience to the trash. The thing is bad, greetings
MONTX - 2009-07-08
This is unsustainable, the crisis, the fall in prices, people do not give any value to your unit that do not really have and change quickly so we can not be values, which have for many years in this know what I mean . And we come to retrain for nothing really. It ends as the honeypot died, grinder, repair etc sideways. Sorry but it is so.
Ray - 2009-04-17
It seems most manufacturers, as they are suffering. Above all, Philips is starting to close as the research divisions of 3D. We'll see what happens.
NAND - 2009-03-05
I have a job with crisis wholes themselves without difficulty. Patience and survive, because making money is complicated .... HEALTH LORDS
Mart - 2009-03-05
From my point of view, the price of the TV should be higher, so manufacturers could pay for repairs under warranty as they should. Besides I guess you could also spend a little more money in training its technical services.
ELLEN - 2009-03-05
I do not know if the crisis or it is, but most of the work that I'm getting is under warranty.
Mod - 2009-03-02
The crisis is not the biggest problem of technical services, are the Chinese who are making at prices that can not be sustained.
indy - 2009-02-28
The crisis is hurting, I think that all technical services.