You should not assist those who are not of the profession
You should not assist those who are not of the profession
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PETER - 2010-04-13
I have a small workshop do not represent any brand, and what can I say, any help me look good. I do not think that they are published four breakdowns we're going to see affected.
TORN - 2010-03-01
The main base that everyone can earn a decent living is information. If we have no information, we can not do our job. So I think we can share everything that is good for others, and especially for us, because sooner or later we'll need some information that will not have. For this reason I do not share does not lead to any side we carry out this profession which is becoming worse. Greetings to all and to see if we go up the flight.
VIC - 2009-09-17
After 25 years of office, is that all the good intentions of some and this site, and comes almost out of time and slowly and gradually we're going down every day more, because we think that if not repaired now, the crisis that grips us, when they get back the fat "mend more?, or the users to purchase new equipment like crazy. In order to see if someone can give me an answer
Rand - 2009-06-26
It is unfortunate that they are requesting help and posting a lot that can be clearly seen from outside the profession, and seek no knowledge whatsoever, to repair equipment with the help of those that are involved in this, as this is all we do damage already battered this guild, the vast majority of workshops we complain about how bad it is this profession for many different reasons, but if we remove the bread also trying to help the "non-technical" thus saving rate repair of equipment which can cost well 50 or 60 and labor. It seems wrong. Eye ¡¡¡¡¡ this site is very good, very well done and very high level, but my humble opinion is that it is paying too much help without knowing or request data that actually show symptoms, that the person who is trying repair belongs to the guild or at least know what you have between coats. I know this is not a consultation but it hurts me to see what is being done with pages like this, I am coach and owner and manager of a service dedicated to the repair of all types of appliances brown line. greetings.