Job Calibration Technician
OFFER 2017-02-10
SIMCO Electronics
Naperville, IL
SIMCO Electronics originated in the heart of Silicon Valley in 1962 and was built on a foundation of dedication to customer service and commitment to technical superiority.? Today, SIMCO Electronics is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA with a worldwide network of laboratories and international field service teams providing localized support.? SIMCO Electronics’ strategic emphasis is to provide enhanced program management systems and services for customers’ test and measurement equipment needs.? One global service provider improves quality control and compliance of services while reducing total program costs.? The principal markets served by SIMCO Electronics include Life Sciences, Electronic Components/?Semiconductors, Communications/?Optical Networking, Automotive, and Government.? Specific market-focused expertise is the core of SIMCO Electronics’ competencies and a central focus of capital investments and strategic initiatives.? Position The Calibration Technician B will apply knowledge of measurement science, mathematics, physics, and electronics to calibrate inspection, measurement, and test equipment in the Acoustical, Chemical, Dimensional, DC/?Low Frequency, RF/?Microwave, Fluid, Mechanical, Optical, Thermodynamics, and Time & Frequency disciplines to ensure measurement accuracy.? The Calibration Technician B will identify and utilize appropriate manual and automated measurement procedures.? This position will normally receive general instructions on work, applying job skills and company policies and procedures to complete a variety of tasks, and working on assignments that are semi-routine in nature where ability to recognize deviation from accepted practice is required.? The Calibration Technician B will perform laboratory housekeeping and may be asked to report opinions and interpretations.? Responsibilities and Duties 1.? Calibrate inspection, measurement, and test equipment (IM&TE) in one or more of the following disciplines – Acoustical, Chemical, Dimensional, DC/?Low Frequency, RF/?Microwave, Fluid, Mechanical, Optical, Thermodynamics, and Time & Frequency, in order to ensure compliance with published specifications 2.? Maintain secondary and/?or working calibration standards 3.? Perform basic maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of precision equipment 4.? Collect, compile, measure, summarize, and record data gathered during calibration 5.? Identify out-of-tolerance conditions and perform corrective action via adjustments, component replacement, correction factors, etc 6.? Identify and correct measurement errors, as applicable 7.? Prepare calibration reports and certificates 8.? Adapt existing calibration equipment, standards, and techniques to accomplish unique measurement tasks for which they are not principally used 9.? Train subordinates in calibration concepts and procedures 10.? Interact with other technicians, Customer Service Representatives, Account Managers, and customers 11.? Other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned