Job Electronic Technician
OFFER 2017-02-23
Department of Corrections
Indiantown, FL
This working position is responsible for the maintenance, repair, and installation of all types of electronic systems and devices including but not limited to, electronic perimeter security systems, internal electronic security systems, electronic and electrical locking control systems, CCTV systems, communications systems, and associated systems and components utilized in the operation of a correctional facility. This position will also provide on the job training to those inmates he/she supervises in the trades associated with the referenced systems. The training this position will provide to these inmates will be infrastructure type training such as conduit installation, wire pulling, and the mounting of devices. The inmates will not be trained on the integral functions of these systems. This position is responsible for necessary records related to tasks assigned. Other duties may include the following: Performs preventive maintenance and maintenance tasks for the proper function of all electronic and associated systems. Performs all tests, maintains all logs, upkeeps the records for related equipment per the Department’s guidelines. Supervises and provides on the job training to those inmates he/she supervises in the trades associated with the referenced systems. Will follow approved methods and procedures, provisions of all required local, state or federal codes, tool, safety and established security procedures. Prepares reports as directed by the Maintenance and Construction Superintendent. Plans to complete assigned activities, organizes and schedules work to be performed and requisitions necessary parts and supplies to ensure proper operation of all electronic systems and equipment and adheres to the Maintenance and Construction Policy and Procedures. Prepares reports of progress and performance for assigned inmates for the use by the inmate’s classifications team in measuring and determining the rehabilitative progress of the assigned inmate consistent with motivation needs and the development of a positive approach to rehabilitation efforts. Maintains custody and control of inmates assigned under the supervision of the position in accordance with accountability requirements for inmates outlined in the operational procedures. May require a valid driver’s license in order to perform specific function that may be required for the position.