OFFER 2017-02-20
nrg Energy
Nipton, CA
Responsibilities Maintain, troubleshoot, test, calibrate, repair and install instruments, transmitters, recorders, indicators, controllers, meters, impulse lines, cable, computers, DCS System, CEMS systems and any device associated with instrumentation and/or control. Troubleshoot electrical and/or instrumentation systems, subsystems and devices generally accepted methods, instruction manuals and experience to determine the root cause of malfunctions. Reports the cause of the malfunction to the appropriate supervisor and takes appropriate corrective actions. Perform corrective maintenance as directed and/or required. Perform additional functions such as isolating equipment, returning equipment to service, adjustments, and performing operational tests with instruction from Station Operators or other Supervisors. Install, overhaul and maintain all sizes and types of power circuit breakers, switches, motors, transformers and electrical power equipment. Test and locate faults on control, power and lighting circuits; potential and current transformers and switchboard wiring; motors and starters; and similar devices on AC and DC circuits. Perform test and inspection, repair and adjust relays, meters, voltage regulators, supervisory control equipment, battery chargers and inverters, instrument transformers, electronic devices and other electrical apparatus used in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. Design, install and test various electrical equipment upgrades, including programming PLC and DCS systems. Work may involve threading and bending conduits and tubing, in addition to pulling wired bundles up t 1” diameter through conduits. Wire termination may require long periods of kneeling. Large electrical breaker may need to be manually pulled and pushed to complete work.