55-inch transparent OLED
55-inch TV designed for retail environments and art galleries
At Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2018, LG Electronics (LG), the world leader in OLED products, will reveal its new vertical solutions optimized and adaptable to any business environment, such as stores, public spaces and offices. These are futuristic and versatile screens that include a transparent OLED, OLED open frame or Open Frame, OLED video walls with ultra-thin edges and other products that seek to capture the imagination of attendees at the fair.

Among the highlights is the transparent 55-inch OLED, a cutting-edge product that surprises with its slim bevels and elegant design. The most amazing aspect of this product is its transparent screen. This unique technology is made for retail environments and art galleries, where products can be placed behind the video or show special effects.

Meanwhile, OLED Open Frame displays demonstrate their capabilities in the form of Canyon Attractor, which consists of 60 OLED screens without borders, in concave and convex configurations that resemble a canyon. These digital solutions are ideal to illustrate the OLED customizable form factor and excellent image quality. The shape and size of OLED Open Frame screens can be adapted for multiple uses and in any industry, such as large-scale video installations and information screens, designed to adapt to the contours of commercial spaces.

"We are extremely proud of our leadership in the global B2B digital signage industry, but even more proud of consistently offering creative solutions for our vertical customers," said Koo Kwang-mo, head of Display Electronics business unit LG Electronics B2B Company "Our main priority is to offer practical and effective solutions, of high value and to a wider public, which includes the retail, governmental, hotel, educational and transport industries."
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