China will monitor drivers with facial technology
The system will recognize problems such as fatigue and fatigue in their workers
In China, the use of facial recognition technology for the control and supervision of its inhabitants is increasingly frequent. One of the best productions of Black Mirror translated into reality.

A bet that now moves to the roads and, specifically, to the interior of the vehicles. The Shanghai Jiusi Bus Company, a company that covers 10,296 kilometers and has a capacity of 1,300 million trips, has installed a camera system on its buses to 'monitor' its drivers.

The camera captures every movement and facial expression of bus drivers, detects if they show any signs of fatigue and also detects irregular or illegal behavior, such as making phone calls or smoking.

Upon detecting abnormal behavior, the system will react and inform the control offices and, once the bus arrives at its destination, the driver will be removed for further investigation, according to the company.

This is not the first use of facial recognition in China, this new technology is also used to control the attendance of students at some universities, to fine infringing pedestrians or even to distribute toilet paper in some public toilets.
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