Goodbye to the legendary PlayStation 2
Sony confirms that after 18 years they will stop repairing the console in Japan
We can say that an era is ending since Sony has announced that they will stop repairing PlayStation 2 units in Japan, so after 18 years the company is finally saying goodbye to its legendary console.

It is mentioned that a few months ago Sony Japan warned that the owners of a PlayStation 2 would have until August 31 to fill out an application to request a repair, and those who did have until September 7 to send their consoles and peripherals to PlayStation Clinic workshop.

After the deadline has been met, Sony has updated its terms of service to indicate that they are no longer accepting applications and that from now on the owners of a damaged PlayStation 2 will have to go to third parties to fix it.

The company even told some of its customers that some repairs will not be possible because they do not have certain parts.

The PlayStation 2 was launched in Japan on March 4, 2000 and became the best selling console in history, so it is certainly remarkable that Sony has offered so many years of repair and customer service.
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