IMAX Enhanced: new certification
This is the new certification that wants to reach your TV, projector and A / V receiver
IMAX is a technology that seeks to offer the best sensory experience to enjoy content whether in television or cinema. For this, it seeks to mix a greater immersion sensation with an improvement in the image and sound.

For this, the content must be recorded on 70mm IMAX film and 15 perforations compared to 35mm to which we are accustomed. An example of this improvement is offered by our EspinOff colleagues when they delighted in the version that Christopher Nolan made of Dunkirk in Imax 70 millimeters, so much so that he named it the highest resolution image format ever conceived. And now the IMAX certification comes to Sony's high-end LCD and OLED TVs to the Marantz and Denon A / V players.

The IMAX Enhanced certificate ensures in the website with which it already has, has been developed with the objective that the devices that receive it can provide in the 4K HDR content with DTS sound an experience as close as possible to the IMAX projections that we can experience at the cinema.

What is not clear for now is what and how the devices can exploit this new certificate. We will have to be attentive to the exit of more information to know how this certificate can be used and what improvements it will bring to the teams that benefit from this certificate.

We know that we will have to have one of these models, at least what comes from the beginning, but the content will also be important, which must have been explicitly developed under this format.
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