LG, leader in folding screens
LG could be the manufacturer of most folding screens
The folding phones are about to reach the market and the efforts to create these new panels are not small. As you know, Samsung and LG are two of the largest manufacturers of panels in the world, although Samsung has always enjoyed greater fame with proven quality - as long as we speak exclusively of mobile phones. Firms such as OnePlus or Apple have historically opted for their panels, with outstanding results

It is well known for some time that Samsung is working on its folding mobile, so all the efforts of the firm are now centralized in the construction of its panel. Therefore, LG could take advantage of Xiaomi and Huawei also want to launch devices of this type, and become its main supplier of panels.

We are struck by the fact that, despite not making the best panels in the market, companies such as Apple or Google bet on LG for their 2018 range caps. This is not the end, as Huawei and Xiaomi would be in agreements with LG for that is the supplier of its panels. Relatively dangerous, since unfortunately, LG has already failed Google offering panels of dubious quality, and leaving Apple to run with his iPhone 9 Plus, mobile that will have to resort to a Samsung panel.

The pace of production of LG for the panels is high, but may not be enough to meet the demand of these complex panels, although all this is conjecture, and only time will tell if they are capable of manufacturing them or not.
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