LG TV 175 inches
LG could break the record of the largest television in the world
Strong rumors suggest that LG could present a 175-inch TV, breaking a record and becoming the largest in the world.

The new TV of the Korean giant would have MicroLED technology and would have a size of 175 inches diagonal. In addition, this giant would be presented by LG at the IFA 2018 that will be based in Berlin, Germany.

However, this is not the first attempt to implement the MicroLED on a large screen. So far, the record has Samsung with The Wall, a 146-inch screen.

A MicroLED television is designed with millions of self-emitting LED diodes that are smaller than 100 micrometers.

Unlike traditional LED or LCD, MicroLED screens can emit light per pixel. This allows to offer a higher brightness and contrast ratios similar to OLED but with a wider range of colors.

By not requiring backlight units because of the small LED's auto-emitter nature, these types of screens can be much thinner than those of the known OLED or QLED.

One of the most noticeable drawbacks of this technology is its manufacturing cost. However, this new LG TV is expected to be available to households as productivity improves and production costs decrease.

In addition, according to The Investor, an LG spokesperson stated that:
It is true that the company has been carrying out R & D projects for MicroLED TV technology. The spokesman declined to reveal whether the Korean company plans to present its own screen at IFA 2018, the technology fair based in Berlin, Germany, which will take place between August 31 and September 5.

The tendency to have larger televisions does not seem to have an end at the moment. At CES 2018 in January, Samsung presented The Wall, the largest TV to date.
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