LG presents the world's first 8K OLED screen
Spectacular 88-inch TV and 33 million self-luminescent pixels
The spectacular 88-inch TV seems to face a new technological challenge rather than a market need, and the truth is that its specifications are incredible. The price, we suppose, will also be.

LG's new TV has been presented in the context of IFA 2018, a fair in which they always try to offer us a look at products that are sometimes very exclusive but which theoretically will become popular in the coming years.

8K televisions seem part of that future, but the truth is that the current situation of 4K content makes that future leap to 8K content seem even more distant.

Still in LG want to start being prepared, and that's what they meet with an ad that puts us in front of what according to LG is the first 8K OLED TV in the world.

With more than 33 million pixels, one of the star characteristics is precisely the use of an OLED panel, a technology currently exclusive of the highest-end television and monitor models.

In LG indicate that it is expected that in 2022 will be distributed 9 million OLED TVs, and also have forecast for 8K TVs, which according to their data will reach 5 million units distributed in 2022.
Price and availability of LG OLED 8K TVs

We will have to be patient, because these models of LG will appear in the market in September 2019. We will have a 8K OLED model of 75 inches with an unconfirmed price that could start from 30,000 euros, and a variant of 88 inches diagonal whose price is still It has not been specified. That starting price, we repeat, has not been officially confirmed, and could in fact vary according to each market.
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