OLED tvs Loewe Modular
Loewe renews its OLED tvs and bet by making them modular
Loewe has been one of the brands that we have seen in the IFA 2017 with one of the most interesting proposals. And is that having endorsed OLED panels for their new tvs, now the firm seeks to bet on a new concept of TV that have come to be called Loewe Bild X.

A bet on the basis of the possibilities offered by the panels ultra-thin OLED of LG and that allow it to be "play" with them at the time of placing them differently at home. And for this there is nothing better than to bet on the modularity giving to its screens of more possibilities to adapt.

The Loewe Bild X makes use of a screen ultra thin, with a certain degree of flexibility, a possibility that is feasible because all of the components that comprise are sutuados away from the screen and hidden.

The design has been the work of Sperlein and follows the lines that we already saw in models as the Loewe Bild 9, a model launched earlier this year with a style based on the art-deco and in part something retro.

The Bild X has an aesthetic which emphasizes the use of a screen which is suspended within a metallic frame very thin and joined by magnets to the screen. A design that makes both the frame how television can be mounted on the wall, although you can also opt to use a media that has a stone platform.

The easy to mount this tv lies in that the cables and the components are separated from the screen. Is separated on the basis of the framework or housed in an external box. Something similar but a step ahead in terms of result to what we see with the hub of the tvs Samsung.

This box leave both connections to the TV and the speakers even allowing you to be able to connect to the same device up to two panes simultaneously. A box stop provide functions to an OLED display 4K of 65 inches and reminds us greatly to the LG OLED W7.

The design is however in part clouded by the presence of the speakers, that although of design, break the aesthetic achieved. In this regard, one option might be to use a acoustic screen as used in the Sony Bravia TO1. Another alternative is to choose to connect to the platform for wireless audio of Loewe but the speakers are still present

A stunning design that although it is not for sale, is fully functional and that already we hope can become a reality in the least time possible.
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