Philips SmartSleep, the cap to rest better when you sleep
Philips wants to improve the quality of sleep with sounds that relax the brain
Although last year was already prototype, this year Philips has shown in the IFA his hat, helmet, mask, or whatever you want to call it, to improve the quality of sleep. The SmartSleep.

This gadget fits in your head and is able to measure the brain waves that occur during sleep. Thanks to a front and side sensor, they accurately identify the different stages of an individual's sleep at night.

When it detects periods of deep sleep, it intervenes with technology to improve the duration and quality of them through personalized auditory tones. An application that is integrated into the device, also records the improvement of sleep over time and provides tips and suggestions on how to sleep as best as possible

Of course all this can be monitored (once awake) using an app on the mobile, so that you can see the evolution. The promise is for an improvement of 70% after two weeks of use, but each person is a world.
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