Ring: The Ringer intelligent
El timbre inteligente que defiende tu hogar
In the world there is growing insecurity, and all sooner or later tend to be involved in some type of security incident, either on the street or in our home, close to our family. Fortunately, at the household level there are each time more gadgets to help prevent theft, as is the case of the Ring, the ringer smart.

If you do not know what is Ring, we can say that it is one of the rings intelligent than more successful are taking in the Hispanic markets today, serves to keep you abreast of anything that happens on your front door or the surroundings of the house, enviándote alert signals to your smartphone if someone is about too much or attempt to force the door of entry.

We have long been evangelizing the benefits of the intelligent houses, and Ring, the ringer smart is the perfect example of how technology helps us to improve our life direct from our home.

There are many videos that show how it works Ring and its technology, that we show below is the perfect example to see how a simple ring can become a complete security system with front camera on your door, as well as in the surroundings of the house.

Go surprise will take the thieves when they are exploring the surroundings of your house and the anything your same they talk with your smartphone saying: What do you get? Or what you are looking for there?. These are just two examples, of course you can be more creative and launch a threat such as "I am an AK47, I am watching, and I am going to go fill of lead"… in order, we leave to your imagination.

This fabulous application is available for iOS, Android and Windows 10, allowing at any moment transmit voice track audio remotely to any of the visitors that come to our house, are with good or bad intentions.

Ring, the ringer smart may be purchased online from ring.com from $249 dollars.
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