Robot Method-2
Method-2 is a wick real and has been created in south Korea
The company robotics, Hankook Mirae Technology, with headquarters in South Korea, has officially submitted its first prototype of the robot controlled this past weekend and looks as you are viewing. His name is Method-2.

With a height of almost 4 meters and a weight of 1.3 tons, Method-2 is the first robot biped manned the world and has been built to be used in areas "dangerous" in which the human being cannot move with ease, ensures Yang Jin-Ho, president of the company in an official statement - by the way, "Hankook" means "south Korea" in Korean and "Mirae" "future".

This monstrous and impressive proposal is in development since the year 2014 and has involved an investment of more than 200 million dollars, in addition to need the cooperation of several experts, among them the designer Moldavian Vitaly Bulgarov, who is dedicated precisely to the creation of wicks, or what is the same, giant robots mechanical controlled - has collaborated in fact in numerous movies of Transformer, Robocop and Terminator, to cite some examples.

Then you leave with a couple of videos, uploaded to the account of Instagram of Vitaly Bulgarov, in which you can see to this great mole in action. The truth is that see move to similar item impresses and almost makes us think that definitively the future is already here.

Unfortunately - good, depending on how you look at it - Method-2 has no intention of getting to work soon. This prototype will be used as a testbed for other technologies related to this type of proposal robotic. And who knows, maybe one day we see finally involved in actions of salvamente, construction or even military.
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