Samsung 146-inch modular TV
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Samsung wants to mount a 146-inch modular TV
Last year Samsung announced a 10-meter LED 4K TV that could challenge the very cinema screens and is now ready (well, or almost) to sell its consumer version. The so-called "The Wall" uses the MicroLED technology, where each LED, of micrometric scale and therefore much smaller than the current LEDs, works without rear feedback, counting in its place with own light emission.

In this way, the need for the use of color filters is also eliminated, allowing the screen to offer a better visual experience, and energy consumption is aided. The TV also boasts a modular design (can be mounted in incredibly large sizes, therefore) and without a bezel, so that consumers can customize the size they want to best suit their needs.

Samsung has not yet given more details about it, but the 146-inch 4K screen that I could see today at your event certainly offers the brightness, contrast and vision "almost perfect" from any angle that the Korean house promises -al less with the favorable conditions (lighting and contents) that occur in the place of the demonstration.

If your new 85 "OLED TV with an AI is not big enough for you, you can always get your hands on this proposal, for the time being without a specific date of release to the market.
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