Samsung Galaxy F, the first flexible mobile
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Actual appearance of the Samsung Galaxy F according to a patent
Currently, the two highest ranges that Samsung has in the world of mobile telephony are the Galaxy S family and the Galaxy Note family. But according to what a few days ago said DJ Koh, the head of Samsung Electronics, at a conference for investors of the company is that next year we will see the premiere of Samsung's first 5G mobile, which would come out in March 2019 and It would not be the Galaxy S10. This has returned to shoot the rumors that this smartphone will be the Samsung Galaxy X or Galaxy F, the first flexible mobile.

That Samsung has been developing a flexible screen phone for years is nothing new, since during 2017 the rumors went off and in fact we even saw a possible filtered roadmap about it with a release date for next year. And it seems clear that 2019 will be the year of flexible smartphones, because Huawei has also signed up for the race - in fact it wants to be the first brand to put a double terminal on the market.

According to the director of Samsung Electronics, the objective of the company is not so much to be the first with this new class of mobile phones, but prefer to have well polished the usefulness and experience offered by the flexible concept itself for the premiere, facing that from the beginning the Samsung Galaxy X / Galaxy X becomes the third Premium family of Samsung with Note and S, and not simply in an isolated curiosity that has no continuation.

The latest official Samsung patent that has come to light shows a terminal with a flexible central part, capable of adjusting to different angles and closing completely on itself. When it is open, we have a mobile phone with a 7-inch screen, the same size as the smallest tablets on the market, and it can be folded like a wallet. The designers of Phone Designer have taken this patent and have made, together with the Nieuwe Mobiel website, renders that practically look like promotional images of a real mobile phone, showing how that patented design would become a physical smartphone.

We leave you here with the gallery of images. Of course, if you like and want to have the Samsung Galaxy F / Galaxy X, you should know that it will not be a cheap mobile precisely. The declared intention of Samsung to turn it into its third Premium range, as well as its innovative design and size, increases the credibility of the rumors that the mobile will come out at an exit price of more than $ 1,500 ($ 1,319 euros) . Maybe it will not be so expensive, but it will be a high-priced smartphone without a doubt.
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