Samsung unbreakable OLED panel
Samsung shows its unbreakable OLED panel on video
Currently, one of the great battles that are fought in the mobile phone industry is to achieve the most resistant device. To the elements, the blows, the scratches, no matter the threat, the phone must remain intact as long as possible. And, of course, trying to avoid having to make specific models for it, as was the case with the Active editions of the Samsung Galaxy, designed for somewhat more complicated environments.

For this, it is necessary to investigate, to obtain new materials capable of providing maximum resistance, without sacrificing the dimensions of the phone or its weight, let alone its ergonomics. And in Samsung, they have one of the best R & D divisions in the sector, which allows them to achieve things like what you will see below, and which we talked about earlier. An OLED panel capable of resisting hammering without even flinching, and with an enviable flexibility.

In this video that Samsung has shared, the Korean company shows in detail the differentiating aspects of its new panel, which could come with future models such as the much-rumored Galaxy X, or with future Apple phones, since the Cupertino are still one of its big clients as far as screens are concerned. In this case, we would choose to protect the panel with a plastic cover, and not glass, which would greatly increase its durability without gaining in weight.

For now, it just seems to be a project in development, so it could take years to find it in a commercial product, but it may become one of the great options to alleviate the pressing problems that iPhone users have in what resistance refers to And it is hard to believe that we still have a phone over 1000 euros that can be broken with a bad fall.
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