Sony Master Series AF9 y ZF9
High-end OLED and LCD with dedicated calibration for Netflix
The Sony Master Series AF9 (55 and 65 inches) and Sony Master Series ZF9 (65 and 75 inches) are especially committed to Netflix content.

They integrate the so-called Netflix Calibrated Mode, a type of calibration in which the managers of Netflix and Sony have collaborated to bring the vision of the creator directly to the television.

Topping the specifications of this family that goes from 55 to 75 inches we have its image processor X1 Ultimate, which precisely gives these models what is the highest image quality achieved by the engineers of Sony, the one that makes them enter that family "Master Series" of the Japanese firm.

This processor is responsible for analyzing each object of the image and the remastering of each element so that its accuracy or representation thanks to HDR support offers more accurate textures and more realistic images.

In the field of audio we came with an improvement of the Acoustic Surface that was presented last year in the A1 range and then in the AF8 of 2018. Now that technology becomes Acoustic Surface Audio + in the AF9, which adds an actuator in the center of the screen and an additional subwoofer channel, which provides a 3.2 sound system.

In the ZF9 we find LCD panels with full spectrum LED backlighting to achieve high image contrast in which we also have better viewing angles thanks to the X-Wide Angle technology or the minimization of blurring thanks to X technology -Motion Clarity.

In both cases we have 4K panels with the aforementioned HDR support (HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG) that are compatible with CalMAN professional level calibration. These models are the successors of the A1 and ZD9 and complement the models AF8 and XF90 that were presented at CES 2018.

In both cases we have Android TV as a management platform for these TVs, also integrating a Chromecast and the voice search function to find content and control the TV.

The most striking novelty of these TVs is in its new 'Netflix Calibrated Mode' mode, which has been developed thanks to the work of engineers from Netflix and Sony Pictures Entertainment and which has been presented exclusively on these new high-end TVs. .

According to its managers, this mode reflects the image quality of the study evaluation masters for television, with the intention of maintaining the vision and creative intention of the artists.

This mode is accessible through a setting of the Netflix application menu -not from the TV, which suggests that it will reach other users and devices-, and theoretically will enrich those contents emitted by Netflix. The creator may have included their ideal calibration for their contents, but there will also be available an ideal calibration chosen by Netflix for these contents.

This mode will be available for the entire contents catalog of Netflix, and the user can activate and deactivate it at any time to enjoy those contents with the calibration that he likes the most.

At the moment Sony has not indicated the estimated availability date of these models, and it will be then when we can also know the prices of these high-end TVs.
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