Tesla dismisses employees of its solar plants
Tesla goes through a financial crisis that requires cuts
Tesla, the famous innovation company of Elon Musk, which has brought so much news to humanity about its progress as autonomous cars, seems to be also going through a stormy weather.

There is talk that they have begun to lay off up to almost 10% of their staff as part of their corporate restructuring. The main economic cut would come not from cars or their manufacture, but from the solar power plants that have made the company so famous.

Apparently about 15 Tesla solar power plants would be affected by these cuts that would affect the area of ??the United States, mostly the plants of a company that previously acquired SolarCity.

From Tesla they have mentioned that their business with solar energy is not bad, on the contrary, they are evolving as expected by them. Of course, even if we do not know the details, all companies including Tesla go through financial crises that require cuts.

Many analysts, on the other hand, mention that the cut does not come because of a bad economic period in the company, but because from the beginning the acquisition of the company SolarCity did not have much future in terms of contributions for the company led by Elon Musk, it is To say, it was a bad business from the beginning.
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