The flexible Galaxy X is close
Everything points to Samsung launching the Galaxy X next year
The latest rumors related to the Samsung mobile phone dare to place the market launch of the terminal for next 2018. This is confirmed in Business Korea, where they claim that the head of the mobile division of the Samsung, DJ Koh, said in September that the brand aimed to launch a folding smart phone for next year.
The pieces fit, of course, and it is very possible that Samsung has been pretty rushed after hearing the other rumors that come from LG, where apparently the brand seems to be working with the very same Apple to give life to what would be the future iPhone folding. And why choose LG instead of working with Samsung? The gossips say that Apple could not trust to give the details of the design of the terminal to Samsung for fear that this "is inspired" in the face of the manufacture of its own folding phone.

The details published by Business Korea speak of a panel with a degree of curvature of 1.0R, a value that would allow the screen to bend inwards as if it were a sheet of paper. For now it is not known exactly what materials the brand will use to create the screen, although it seems that finally they will opt for a plastic that allows molding the panel more easily.

LG seems to have panels with a curvature ratio of 2.5R and 1.0R, and as for the sketches or prototypes of the future iPhone, a recent patent discovered dropped the possibility of using a screen with micro-LED technology, so something like that we could see also in Samsung.

What is clear is that seeing the momentum that Samsung has taken on the folding issue, there is no doubt that will advance in launching the phone to the market, although it will not be the first, since ZTE already boasts a phone with the peculiar Axon M .
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