COBY, LED 3216
2014-11-09 by AAAAA


I have COBY 32" Tv, and it was working well. When it got colder I turn it on one day, but it didn't power up, only the blue LED is on with black screen! Next day I tried again and the tv boot up and turn on as normal. But when it get cold again, it didn't work. I opened the back of the tv and checked the power supply (while it was in black screen condition) and found that the +5 v terminals are on and reading +4.9 v but the +12 terminals are +13.2 v. The question is this power supply output is normal and the power supply is working? So in this case I need to change the main board. Or, the power supply is faulty and I need to replace it, please advice. ( by the way, when the tv is in non-working condition and the blue led is on I can not turn it off from remote or from the power button I have to unplug it from the outlet to turn it off) Another question, Is there any way to get the service manual for COBY LED 3216? Thanks,
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